Wholesale Terms & Conditions

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To apply, email hello@meekomats.com with your business details including key contact name, store name, ABN, location, delivery address.


Meeko's makers kindly ask you to read these terms prior to applying to be a stockist or placing wholesale order/s with us. If you’re outside of Australia & New Zealand please make sure you read the terms and conditions specific to international (labelled below). These Terms and Conditions apply to all wholesale account holders.  


Any individual or business that wishes to place a wholesale order with Meeko Mats must first be approved for a wholesale account. Further information may requested in response to your application.

The Mat-Makers behind Meeko will make an assessment as to your eligibility for a wholesale account based on the information provided and on other criteria including, but not limited to: other products and brands stocked by your store, brand profile and physical proximity to other potential or confirmed Meeko wholesalers.

Once your application is approved you will be contacted via email with all you need to know about placing your first wholesale order. We have a simple email-to-order process or an order form option available.

Wholesale applications are valid for 30 days from the submission date.




Following a wholesale order, an invoice will be generate with a due date of 7 days from the issue date. Payment is required prior to your items being dispatched.

Meeko does not enforce any minimum order quantities (MOQs) or a minimum re-order period. 




We may not always be able to provide products in your desired quantities. We will, however, always endeavour to make those items available to you in the requested amount as soon as we possibly can.

There may, at times, be some products, including limited edition products or certain product lines that may not be available for wholesale purchase. We reserve the right to exclude certain items or entire lines of products from wholesale.




We kindly ask for payment of your goods up front, unless other terms of payment are negotiated at the time of your application. An invoice to be paid within 7 days by EFT, Credit Card or PayPal will be sent to your nominated email. The invoice will reflect the total amount due, including any relevant postage and the payment due date.

Orders under $700 will incur a flat rate postage fee of $30.00. Your stock will be held until the invoice due date. Once confirmation of payment is made your order will be dispatched to the nominated shipping address.

If your invoice is not paid by the due date we may cancel your order and make the stock available to other wholesale or retail customers. You are free to re-order your required stock, however, we cannot always guarantee its availability.

Repeated instances of unpaid invoices may result in the suspension or cancellation of your wholesale account with Meeko. Refer to our the CANCELLATION OF WHOLESALE ACCOUNT section of these terms for more information. 




We are pleased to offer free domestic standard shipping on all wholesale (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) within Australia and New Zealand over the purchase amount of $700.00. Any orders under this amount will incur a postage and handling fee which is calculated based on the parcel size and quantity. This is applied to your order invoice. Additional fees also will apply to express postage requests.

Domestic orders will be shipped out within 1-3 days of payment notification. You will receive tracking information via email. Please allow at least 4-12 days for your order to reach you (if in Australia or New Zealand).

For all other international locations please allow at least 20 business days and note stock will be shipped once payment is received (please see INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & DELIVERY and INTERNATIONAL DUTIES & TAXES sections for further details). 

Delivery times may be delayed during busy periods such as Christmas and online sales frenzies as we are reliant on our postage provider, Australia Post.



Meeko invites International retailers to stock our products and welcomes retailers from all over the globe.  All locations outside of Australia and New Zealand are considered ‘international’ by us here at Meeko.

The same application process outlined above applies to international wholesale. International retailers (if approved) can order using the order form provided or via our simple email-to-order process. Following this, an invoice will be sent and payment in USD is required before products are posted, or as specified in agreement terms. You will receive tracking information via email. 



Postage rates for International wholesale will vary depending on the total product order weight. We will provide a postage quote with your invoice for your approval. Please allow at least 10 business days for your wholesale order to reach you. Customs delays may occur in some instances.



Meeko will not be responsible for the payment of any customs levies, duties or taxes that may be associated with the delivery of wholesale orders in your local country. Wholesale customers are solely responsible for any such fees. We ask that you please make yourself aware of any possible fees before placing a wholesale order with Meeko.



We are happy to provide exchanges on products that make up your wholesale order if they are shown to be faulty, damaged or incorrect. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order if you believe there are faulty items or if a mistake has been made.

Meeko will provide replacements, free of shipping charges or in some cases a refund for any faulty items.



Please ensure that you keep any extra product safety information or usage instructions provided with your product packaging and ensure that customers receive this information upon purchase.

Meeko will not be held liable for any consequences that may flow from the incorrect use of our products or non-adherence to safety guidelines.



Wholesale account holders are only approved for the specific retail or online outlet that has been listed on their initial application. If you wish to sell from a further associated outlet (online or retail) in the same business name as your initial application, you must have this approved by Meeko.

Selling from additional outlets without our knowledge and approval will result in the suspension of cancellation of your wholesale account.



We take a great deal of care when selecting and packaging our items for travel. Because of this, after payment has been made and processing has begun, we do not allow for cancellations of wholesale orders. Any such attempt to cancel an order may result in a forfeiture of all monies paid.

If you have not paid your invoice within the prescribed 7-day period, Meeko reserves the right to cancel your order and make your desired stock available to
other customers.



Meeko reserves the right to cancel a wholesale account at anytime if on other criteria including, but not limited to:

  • the introduction of other products and brands stocked by your store;
  • your brand profile
  • a change to your store's physical proximity to other potential or confirmed Meeko wholesalers
  • a change from bricks and mortar to purely online only (however, please let us know of this change and we will more often than not greatly appreciate and accepted this exciting change to your store)
  • repeated instances of unpaid or overdue invoices
  • a wholesale order/re-order not being placed within 12 months.

Cancelled wholesale accounts will result in your store's name being removed from the our website. If cancelled, you may also be required to re-apply for a wholesale account.




Meeko is more than happy for wholesale account holders to use their marketing or promotional imagery throughout their own website or social media. Meeko does ask that any such imagery is always used in
some connection with the Meeko brand or products. 
Misuse of our intellectual property may result in the suspension or cancellation of your wholesale account.



All designs and images created by Meeko are our copyright material and remain our intellectual property at all times.

By becoming a wholesaler, we are granting you a license to sell Meeko products and use our promotional imagery in your own marketing, however, no rights to our products, designs, photographs, branding or otherwise will transfer during the wholesale relationship.

Any attempt to use our intellectual property in a manner outside of, or inconsistent with, these Terms and Conditions may result in suspension or cancellation of your wholesale account or further action being taken against you for copyright or any other relevant intellectual property infringement.



Meeko reserves the right to suspend or cancel a wholesale account at anytime, resulting in the removal of your business' name from stockist page of the Meeko website (meekomats.com) in the following circumstances.

  • Engagement in improper or prohibited trading practices including, but not limited to, selling Meeko products from an unapproved outlet or using Meeko images, logos or any other intellectual property in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or our rights as intellectual property holders;
  • Repeated instances of unpaid or overdue invoices. Failure to pay for orders or have attempted to cancel more than one order;
  • Failure to advise us of; a change to your selling practices (e.g. from bricks and mortar to online); a change to your store's physical proximity (perhaps to other potential or confirmed Meeko wholesalers); or any other material factor relevant to our wholesale approval process;
  • Contravention of any part of our Wholesale Terms and Conditions or any other circumstance that has occurred, which has rendered you unfit or inappropriate, by Meeko, to be an authorised seller representing our brand.
  • A wholesale re-order not being placed within 12 months from your previous order.
  • The introduction of other products and brands stocked by your store.

If cancelled, you may also be required to re-apply for a wholesale account.



Meeko reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions that govern our wholesale relationships, at any time. We will notify current wholesale account holders of any such changes.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to make alterations to our wholesale products, prices, shipping methods, returns policies or any other part of our wholesale process.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Wholesale procedures or Terms and Conditions, please contact hello@meekomats.com



These terms and conditions were last updated May 2021.