From Reflux-stration to Mummy Mat Maker

A note from my mat maker:

Preparing to become a Mum for the first time was awesome! Loved it. I could not get enough of podcasts, books, yoga and the endless scrolling through Insta reading all sorts of mothers' experiences.

While pregnant I was working for another mum and bub focused brand which meant I was surrounded by plenty of baby/parenting-related content *sometimes information overload*. Due to this it was important to me that I was also mindful of investing most my time and money in the things we (baby and I) really needed - and not just the things in the *cute only* category 🥰

I thought to myself... dammmn mama, you got this!

**Out pops Maeve Evelyn - light of my life** Excuse me while I skip all the beautiful birth details (perhaps more on that later?) so I can get to the point as to why all this is relevant to meeko°. I'm guilty for telling long-winded stories, but please, stick with me.

When Maeve was born, there is was, that *ahh-uh moment* of ‘I get it now!’. This is what that all-consuming love feels like. What all the Mums described. Life as I knew it would never be the same, yet somehow it all made sense. A love like no other. 

After Maeve’s birth there wasn’t much to complain about really. I mean, my vagina was sore for a month and my nipples hurt for a week but it was all worth it to stare at that squishy little face for hours on end!

She was also feeding well and sleeping-ish (as much as newborns do). It was all hunky dory, until: REFLUX! Who's with me?

I could not believe how much this little person could regurgitate in a day 😳 The number of times I thought “Smooshie (nickname), I love you but oh my F*#king GOD!!!!” each time I wiped up another spew off:

  • the floor
  • my shoulder
  • someone else’s shoulder
  • the dog
  • the floor
  • the bassinet
  • the rug
  • the floor, AGAIN!

...occasionally it would land on a cloth 😆 🙃

It was everywhere, always and I was not prepared. While clothes and cloths were easy to throw into the wash. The play mat, not so much. Plus, it was near impossible to wash everyday or even weekly - especially during the winter months.

If only there was a mat I could wipe clean on the spot without residue...

Fast forward 1 year and *poof* now there’s meeko° - not only for vomit, dribble and poop but all of the sticky, gooey, yucks that life throws at us!

Of course, there was a lot more that went into it than *poof* but that's partly where it began. Born out of my personal experiences with Maeve’s reflux and combined with the realisation of: how fun to work with your bestie on a new business venture 🤩

Our aim was for meeko° to be a useful (and cute) addition to families by making life's everyday messes that little bit easier.

These days life with meeko° for Maeve and I is more about park hangs, and protecting various surfaces from snacks and dribble. But that’s what I love most about these mats - they’re designed to grow seamlessly with you and your little ones from one phase of life to another.

There’s no need for an upgrade because they’re multi-purpose and that makes them super sustainable too ⭐️👏🏽🍃

MAEVE'S REFLUX UPDATE: Since her symptoms were diagnosed by a Paediatrician as “just reflux” she has since "out-grown" it. It never seemed to phase or upset her, just old mama bear here. While it was a relief to know there was nothing more serious going on, meanwhile, I self diagnosed myself with "reflux-stration" given it was THE. MOST. FRUSTRATING. thing in the world to me at the time - it's all relative right?

Ahead of my frustration, of course, was my concern for the little poppet. But I would have days where I just could not handle another spew!!! If only I had meeko° from the get-go.

My biz-partner-in-crime and I just hope that meeko° can help make life's messes that little bit less stressful for families.

All the mess,

Co-Mat Maker